lunes, 24 de diciembre de 2012

Letters from December

I must say, December is not one of my favorite months of the year. My love for the holidays is basically nonexistent since Santa stopped bringing me presents. Other thing that I hate of this month is my birthday, December 3rd. I stopped loving my birthday since I pretty much remember it. All of my baby photos from my birthdays are exactly the same, me crying while everybody sings. This year everything changed dramatically. The day before, on December 2nd, at 11:55 pm my cellphone rang a pretty peculiar alarm, the label was: "The most miserable day of your life". I instantly remembered I arranged it the first day that I had my new phone. That day, at least the first part of it, was damn boring, I went to classes, bought the cake, went shopping and met up with a friend. Then I got home and the madness began. My friends were expecting me there and a series of bizarre-amazing-incredible-drunk things started happening, I can't really tell much of what happened because it'd be inappropiate and NSFW to post and we're not in that kind of blog. What I can say is that they gave me a Happy Birthday Mr. President dance and then got my face on the cake. It was amazing (Regina George pun intended). So far, it's been the best birthday party of my life, and with the best birthday presents too, two of my friends got me an amazing pinboard with lots of cutouts they had from Vogue magazines, gotta love those kids.

On the other hand, my christmas experiences haven't been that good. In this exact moment I'm writing this, with a glass of champaign on my nightstand, covered in my blankets and watching Woody Allen's Manhattan, and it's only 1 o' clock. My christmas reunions suck so much I tend to get away from everyone and watch reruns of bad movies on TV. Woohoo. But this wouldn't be a fashion blog if I don't show you clothes. Last month I went on a trip to Quito, Ecuador. It's nice getting out of your country for a while, even if it's just for a little time. The city is utterly pretty, the people it's warm and nice and the weather it's stupidly enjoyable. If I had the chance, I could live there in a heartbeat. I took control over my finances and went shopping. Also, during December, I went to second-hand clothing stores on my hometown and bought lots of goodies. I've always thought there's a mystic charm on those kind of stores, you breath a certain kind of air that has a mixture of old-fashioned stuff, memories of the previous owners and a distant hope to find them a new one. Anyway, December, so far, so good. 

1.- Camo shirt// Zara
2.- The Beatles T-shirt// Unknown rock store @ Quito
3.- Denim shirt// Pull & Bear
4.- Nirvana T-shirt// Pull & Bear
5.-Camo vest// unknown label (bought @ second-hand clothing store)
6.- Floral print shirt// Pusser's (bought @ second-hand clothing store)
7.- Oversize denim shirt// Banana Republic
8.- Purple round sunglasses// Barbados
DISCLAIMER: Just if you're wondering, no, I'm not a nazi and I do not support any activities related to them, I actually loathe the whole deal with them. The necklace was a gift.

I took this photos on my room. The first one was a gift from a friend, a portrait he did for me, imaging my drag persona, and under it, it's a paper toy of Max from Where the Wild Things Are I made some time ago.

Joyeux Noël, mes amis!
xx, Alejandro.

domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2012


So I was going through the internet and I came across this. This is the reason V Magazine is my favorite magazine in the whole existence of humanity. In issue #80, they're showing the it, breaking, beautifully twisted girls from nowadays music. Funny thing is: I've had a music crush with almost all of this girls, and watching all of them together was like being a little boy in a candy/fashion/editorial/music shop. The images were made by me, the crystals/laser beams cutouts are from an exhibition in Paris, I really don't know who the artist is, if you know, please let me know. If you are looking for the original photos, here they are.


viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2012


I actually never have been a to-die-for Disney fan (like most of the people in the whole planet is). I kinda was when I was a kid, though. My first Disney movie was The Fox and the Hound back when I was like 7 years old, an oldie but goodie, I remember how I used to cry a little by the end of the movie. Afterwards, when I was 9 I used to watch Toy Story for hours and hours on my parent's VHS, so whenever my dad was going to rent some movies, he already knew what I was going to ask him to rent for me. It was a pretty funny rutine. Being a pre-teen, I fell in love with Mulan, the one true princess Disney has. While I'm a teenager, I sort of lost that feeling of likeness for Disney's childish films, maybe because I changed my Toy Story VHS casettes for my anime DVD's and after that for my videogames CDs. 

Now that I'm becoming a young adult, I enjoy finding the adult jokes on their films. And I'm beggining to think that's maybe a way of the studying the evolvement of Y generationers minds/life nowadays, how us, the Y generationers have changed our pretty Disney's childhood movie memories for current Disney's adult humor on those same movies. Nevertheless, I haven't  lost any respect for the company, bringing up that they did really amazing productions with a social, ecological, political and cultural content throughout their history. That's why that respect for Disney has now freshen up for me. This team-up with Barney's has given them a brand new matter to explore in their future: fashion. Who would have thought Tiana, from The Frog Princess could rock Proenza Schouler so nicely? and that Mickey Mouse would ever wear a Balenciaga sweater, and would you ever have thought Linda Evangelista would share the front row with Captain Hook, or Naomi Campbell with Chesire the Cat, how about Emmanuelle Alt with Jafar?

I surprisingly loved how the producers weren't afraid to include fashion people from all over the industry, from photographers like Mario Sorrenti or Steven Meisel; editors like Carine Roitfeld, Suzy Menkes or Franca Sozzani; designers like Alber Elbaz and, my favorite, Nicholas Ghesquiere; to hairdressers, make up artists, and on and on. Making a personal analogy, it was like watching Midnight in Paris for the first time, smiling because you know that certain character and you recognize it in the exact moment they appeared, or even getting surprised by watching people you would never even imagine they'd be there, like, Nicholas Ghesquiere. Hope you like it as much as I did!

Darn you, lucky Mickey Mouse.

domingo, 9 de septiembre de 2012


There's been a quite a few seasons that I haven't post anything about, sometimes I was busy, sometimes I was just bored by the idea of opening Photoshop and editing photos, but anyways, here we go again, SPRING/SUMMER 2013, I'm gonna keep updating this post everytime there's a new collection that really catches my eye and it's worth posting here. By far my favorite has been Alexander Wang (that's why it's highlighted in black) the laser cuts, the proportions, the refined post-apocaliptic peek-a-boos in the skirts, the optic fiber detailing in the shirts and dresses, and even better, the glow-in-the-dark finale (there's a video Byran Boy posted for you to see it) were just amazing. Followed by Wang is BCBGMAXAZRIA and it's leather harnesses, lovely pops of tangerine and beautiful floral prints; Jason Wu and his teaseful leather and lace skirts, straps and studs; the to-die-for ombré prints @ Rebecca Minkoff and the floral nets of Richard Chai- as for Rag & Bone, I was really falling for the neon green-dinosaur-skin leather in cropped jackets and skirts.

Alexandre Herchovitch presented cool squares and typographic prints. Simple lines and a lot of urban inspiration @ Y-3, I wish Yohji Yamamoto would have gone much further and presented more pieces with the dragon-skin-and-flowers print, it was really cool. The sporty-girl-who-wants-to-dress-fresh-and-trendy looks @ DKNY were great. @ Tommy Hilfiger I liked how the eternal preppy master is always re-inventing the way of seeing it with every collection. Olivier Theyskens swept me off -in a good way- with all his leather looks while Phillip Lim made spanglish a trend with little peeks of florals. Jeremy Scott was all about moroccan-adventures-with-lots-of-gold-and hats with veils. Rodarte's cuts and architectural avant-gardé looks made them hard not to love and finally, my other favorite of all the NYFW, Proenza Schouler, Lazaro and Jack's criss-crossed prints and mixture of different leather fabrics blew me away and had me wanting more and more from them, big ups for them!

 There were other runways I liked, but I essencially loved this pieces out of them:

So, which ones were your favorites?

viernes, 17 de agosto de 2012


It's been a 120 years of Vogue, wandering through people, places, trends, and more importantly, clothes; so is there a better way to celebrate it than emerging a tribute for those (under 45ers) who are representing nowadays fashion, music and social movements at its best? Norman Jean Roy was the chosen one to portray    über-known designers, actors and singers such as Florence Welch, Phoebe Philo, Stella McCartney, Nicholas Ghesquiere, Lazaro Hernández, Azealia Banks among many, many others. You can see/download the original pictures here.