miércoles, 8 de agosto de 2012

a london hurricane: Katie Eary

It's a secret for no one that I'm a sucker for prints, big prints, different prints, tropical prints, good loking prints, tie-dye + print prints, all-over-the-shirt prints, Givenchy prints, Jeremy Scott prints, even-on-your-pants prints.

I found out this amazing collection by Katie Eary, taking the animal print to a whole new level, a literal level, seriously. She mixes nature textures and icons such as cheetahs + hawks + goldfish's skin and even octopus' tentacles with baroque-like frames. The pictures from below are from her digital pop-up shop, some shirts were on her SS'12 collection and other from the SS'13 collection, both of them were amazing.

In case you don't know her, she's from London. And I really loved her bio introduction on her webpage. Judging by her amazing take on Menswear, she'll get there in a minute.



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  1. Agh, this is so amazing, el print de la segunda camisa se llevó mi corazón, no me importa que sea de hombre ¡la quiero!