lunes, 24 de diciembre de 2012

Letters from December

I must say, December is not one of my favorite months of the year. My love for the holidays is basically nonexistent since Santa stopped bringing me presents. Other thing that I hate of this month is my birthday, December 3rd. I stopped loving my birthday since I pretty much remember it. All of my baby photos from my birthdays are exactly the same, me crying while everybody sings. This year everything changed dramatically. The day before, on December 2nd, at 11:55 pm my cellphone rang a pretty peculiar alarm, the label was: "The most miserable day of your life". I instantly remembered I arranged it the first day that I had my new phone. That day, at least the first part of it, was damn boring, I went to classes, bought the cake, went shopping and met up with a friend. Then I got home and the madness began. My friends were expecting me there and a series of bizarre-amazing-incredible-drunk things started happening, I can't really tell much of what happened because it'd be inappropiate and NSFW to post and we're not in that kind of blog. What I can say is that they gave me a Happy Birthday Mr. President dance and then got my face on the cake. It was amazing (Regina George pun intended). So far, it's been the best birthday party of my life, and with the best birthday presents too, two of my friends got me an amazing pinboard with lots of cutouts they had from Vogue magazines, gotta love those kids.

On the other hand, my christmas experiences haven't been that good. In this exact moment I'm writing this, with a glass of champaign on my nightstand, covered in my blankets and watching Woody Allen's Manhattan, and it's only 1 o' clock. My christmas reunions suck so much I tend to get away from everyone and watch reruns of bad movies on TV. Woohoo. But this wouldn't be a fashion blog if I don't show you clothes. Last month I went on a trip to Quito, Ecuador. It's nice getting out of your country for a while, even if it's just for a little time. The city is utterly pretty, the people it's warm and nice and the weather it's stupidly enjoyable. If I had the chance, I could live there in a heartbeat. I took control over my finances and went shopping. Also, during December, I went to second-hand clothing stores on my hometown and bought lots of goodies. I've always thought there's a mystic charm on those kind of stores, you breath a certain kind of air that has a mixture of old-fashioned stuff, memories of the previous owners and a distant hope to find them a new one. Anyway, December, so far, so good. 

1.- Camo shirt// Zara
2.- The Beatles T-shirt// Unknown rock store @ Quito
3.- Denim shirt// Pull & Bear
4.- Nirvana T-shirt// Pull & Bear
5.-Camo vest// unknown label (bought @ second-hand clothing store)
6.- Floral print shirt// Pusser's (bought @ second-hand clothing store)
7.- Oversize denim shirt// Banana Republic
8.- Purple round sunglasses// Barbados
DISCLAIMER: Just if you're wondering, no, I'm not a nazi and I do not support any activities related to them, I actually loathe the whole deal with them. The necklace was a gift.

I took this photos on my room. The first one was a gift from a friend, a portrait he did for me, imaging my drag persona, and under it, it's a paper toy of Max from Where the Wild Things Are I made some time ago.

Joyeux Noël, mes amis!
xx, Alejandro.