viernes, 29 de marzo de 2013

Seven temples.

It's been a long time since the last post I made for the blog last year, reality is, I've been working on a brand new project pretty much alike this blog but better, like, hundred years better. I won't say a thing about it, 'cause I just started working on it and I have lots and lots to do. On the other hand I've been studying and worrying about me and the stuff I need to develop to become a better and more professional person, so far, this year has been an eye-opening and spirit-lifting experience.

Living in Venezuela, a country where Christianity is the main religion; growing in a christian family; and studying all my junior and high-school years in a christian school have taught me something: I can't be a christian nor I can support Christianty, although I respect every single person who praise it. Anyway, there's a tradition here that during the Holy Week you're supposed to visit the seven temples to enlighten your faith for the religion. Since I don't do it, I visited my own seven music temples this year, these are the records that had been on repeat during quite a long time in my iTunes: 

uno- Woodkid: The Golden Age
dos- Azealia Banks: 1991 EP
tres- Crystal Castles: III
cuatro- Grimes: Visions
cinco- Crystal Castles: II
seis- Daft Punk: Discovery
siete- Florence + the Machine: Ceremonials

Now. I'm gonna give you the new seven music temples that you need to listen during this Holy Week. Enjoy!

uno- Azealia Banks: #YUNGRAPUNXEL
dosΔ: An Awesome Wave
tres- Little Boots: Motorway (Sparkle Motion Dance Mix)
cuatro- Woodkid: The Golden Age
cinco- Iggy Azalea: Work
seis- David Bowie: The Next Day
siete- Semi Precious Weapons: Aviation High


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